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Highlander – Lake District Long Distance Adventure

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Highlander - Lake District Adventure Highlander - Lake District Adventure

Highlander – Lake District Long Distance Adventure

The Adventure of a Lifetime!

HIGHLANDER is more than a hiking event. It’s a chance to experience Adventure of a Lifetime.

We create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for all nature lovers, explorers and modern nomads around the world who are ready to get out of their comfort zone and prepare for a multy-day stay in nature during which they are completely self-sustainable.

HIGHLANDER is a leading long-distance hiking event series in the world with over 40 events in 20 countries worldwide. Unique aspect of HIGHLANDER lies in its concept: IT IS NOT A RACE.

Since mountains, deserts, pastures and other iconic natural locations are our second home, we are constantly striving to educate the HIGHLANDER community regarding sustainability, “Leave No Trace” and ‘’Erase the Trace’’ philosophies, as well as the importance of preserving our planet that we leave for generations to inherit.


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CORE VALUES: Nurturing well-being

Protecting the environment Testing the limits
Being sustainable
Finding genuine connection


Inspiring people to ascent from their routine to a better self and a brighter world

MISSION: Creating once-in-a-lifetime


Lake District Adventure - 5 July to 9 July 2023

England's largest National Park and a World Heritage Site, the English Lake District, is the ideal place to experience nature from a different angle, using all five senses. The event provides you with all the necessary logistics and an unforgettable hiking route.

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You'll see everything – from Scafell Pike - its highest mountain to Wastwater - its deepest lake. At some points, the trail will call on your athletic skill, but if you prepare well and tap into the HIGHLANDER spirit, you can tame it. Although the two formats vary in length, they all share a unique program of activities, from music to yoga and various workshops during which you can interact with others and immerse yourself in the Adventure of a Lifetime.


HIGHLANDER Hercules got its name after the Roman mythological hero adapted from the Greek hero Heracles. It is also the second-largest northern constellation and is simultaneously the longest HIGHLANDER route that spans over 5 days.
On a 94 km long trail through this playground for walkers and outdoor enthusiasts, you will witness iconic viewpoints, astonishing peaks, and starry skies.


The second-largest format is named after a constellation in the northern sky, named after the winged horse Pegasus in Greek mythology. It is easily recognisable because it is dominated by a prominent asterism known as the Great Square.

Enjoy a 51-kilometre-long hiking adventure through this world-famous destination for its beautiful lakes and mountainous fells, carved out long ago by glaciers.


  • Mountain Safety Team
  • 3 meals per day
  • HIGHLANDER ID – detailed itinerary showing checkpoint (with dedicated checkpoint stamp areas)
  • HIGHLANDER Maps – NOTE: this is less detailed maps of the route (in addition we strongly suggest a more detailed map: OS Landranger 90 or Harvey Lake District)
  • HIGHLANDER Map Cover – waterproof cases
  • Hiker tag, Luggage tag and other Kit items
  • HIGHLANDER Certificate
  • Educational and leisure activities
  • Infrastructure provided at the start, finish, checkpoints, and along the route
  • Transportation before the event for the HIGHLANDER Pegasus Lake District: from Park Foot Holiday Park, Pooley bridge to the start of at Stool End Farm, Langdale


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Read about all things encompassed in the Adventure of a Lifetime!

You will get 20% discount using the coupon/voucher NATURE20



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Lake District National Park, England, United Kingdom
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