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The Forest Bathing Institute - the leading UK body for research, training and events

The Forest Bathing Institute – the leading UK body for research, training and events

The Forest Bathing Institute (TFBI) founders Gary and Olga, set out to advance the Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) in the UK and started a programme of research dedicated to replicating the original physiological research carried out in Japan.  Forest Bathing+ is a slow mindful walk in woodland, where you are guided through a series of sensory experiences proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

TFBI is currently working with 6 universities on various studies to continue the research into the effectiveness of this nature-based therapy, which is already available via social prescribing in Surrey.  The aim over the next few years is to see it widely available on the NHS.

In addition, TFBI runs a full training programme for new guides. All guides receive comprehensive training to enable them to lead groups in Forest Bathing+ and mindfulness.   If you would like to discover more check out our training section.

If you are new to forest bathing why not join us at one of our public events and experience the amazing relaxation benefits for yourself?

Event Programme

Many of our events are in and around our base in the Surrey Hills, an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty with ancient woodland.  However we are slowly and safely re-starting events around the country in conjunction with landowners, for example RSPB, National Trust, Forestry England, RHS and Surrey County Council owned locations. Check out FBI Events

Science and Research

Forest Bathing+ is a therapy that has been scientifically proven in several countries, including the UK.  At TFBI one of our main aims is to continue to replicate the original physiological studies carried out in Japan.  We started our first research programme in 2019 and are now working with 6 UK universities on various different studies.

Forest Bathing+ Guide Training

Are you seeking a vocation that involves helping people relax in amazing woodland locations, which can also encourage personal growth and inner awareness?  Our Forest Bathing Guide training is an intensive and personally rewarding journey.  We are now delivering a programme which combines online and in-person elements, making it our most accessible training to date!

Check out FBI Events


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