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ROHAN – for every journey

In 1972 Rohan was founded by Paul and Sarah Howcroft and was born in Skipton, North Yorkshire, UK and have been making world class technical clothing for over forty-five years. We opened our first shop in Long Preston, North Yorkshire, UK in 1983. Skip a few decades and we now have many shops open and successfully trading nationwide.

At Rohan we pride ourselves in our five principles of effortless travel; protective, lightweight, packable, easycare and versatile. Although our branding and style are subtle, we ensure an uncompromising scientific approach to all of our gear design. Our products feature technology which disguises as clothing and has hidden features. These thoughtful designs and durability stand the test of time. We shall continue to evolve as a brand and continue to develop as technology does too.

We hope your journey continues with us.

Rohan products are designed and manufactured to be as functional, comfortable and durable as we know how. If for any reason they don’t live up to your expectations, we will be amazed, disappointed and keen to know why. We will then offer you a replacement, a refund or a repair. Damage from wear and tear will be repaired for a reasonable charge.

Our Technologies

Rohan clothing uses the world’s most advanced fabric technologies. These technologies are hidden and will enable you to thrive in the harshest conditions Mother Nature can throw at you – wherever in the world you’re heading. Rohan clothing is protective, versatile, fast drying, tough, light and highly packable. It offers pure function and reliability, pared down and stripped out. And because Rohan clothing doesn’t look overtly technical, you can wear it for the everyday, taking the rough with the smooth.


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