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RE-ORG North Devon - getting boots back on the ground

RE-ORG North Devon – getting boots back on the ground

Re-Org North Devon is an organization dedicated to planning fun and exciting adventure days out. The majority of which involves hiking and trekking around Devon; But that's not all, there's plans of activity days such as coasteering, muddy assault courses, rock climbing and other thrill-seeking adventures for those who wish to participate. Re-Org North Devon is aimed at individuals who have struggled with feelings of loneliness, low self-esteem, anyone who feels their mental health has taken a bashing or any individual who feels getting out and about may benefit them. Re-Org North Devon also welcomes anyone who feels they want a better sense of community as that's the real goal with Re-Org North Devon; Building a strong sense of support and community and helping its members get back on their feet both physically and mentally by sharing experiences of their own mental health struggles and utilizing the great outdoors by getting boots back on the ground.


Our activities are designed for challenge and enjoyment. They are that little break you need from your personal battles and a time to reconnect with yourself and others.



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Barnstaple, North Devon, Devon, South West England, England, EX31 1BN, United Kingdom

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