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Use our interactive maps to explore WinchesterUse our interactive maps to explore Winchester
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Walk Winchester – use our interactive maps to explore Winchester

Our walks around Winchester are designed to encourage you to walk in all directions and discover beautiful countryside: rivers, moors, hills, butterfly reserves and woodlands are waiting for you.

We combine photographs from our own walks with interactive maps that can be used to navigate the walks on a mobile phone. We have walked around Winchester for years, but it was only during the spring 2020 lockdown that we discovered so many more areas

If you live in WINCHESTER you will know some parts of the city well. But do you know all four corners of the city? Follow Will Walker as he explores Venta Belgarum and its surrounding countryside.

If you are visiting WINCHESTER you might want to look at our visitor information, too.

The footpaths lead from the heart of Winchester in all directions. We have put together 12 walks, starting from four well known starting points in the city. So, get outside, explore parts of the city you don’t know or haven’t been to for a while or discover new areas.


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Winchester, Hampshire, South East England, England, United Kingdom

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