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LSW Mind Cards - improved self-esteem, better sleep, increased confidence and wellbeing
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LSW Mind Cards – improved self-esteem, better sleep, increased confidence and wellbeing

Hi, I'm Lili, founder and creator of LSW Mind Cards.

I work as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and back in 2018 I was noticing a particularly profound impact on my clients’ improvement when regularly repeating positive actions or habits daily. In fact, regularly repeating positive actions everyday had helped me through some particularly hard times myself. I had noticed how the smaller actions and habits, slowing down and becoming more present helped me far more than any bigger or grander acts. I was noticing how doing something small or brief that made me smile over and over again lead to me feeling happier, more positive and more fulfilled overall. The same was true of my clients.

So, I thought, why not collate 45 of my favourite habits, tools and techniques into a pack of cards. To make it easy to select a different card each day and take the action stated on the card. I wanted to spread this seemingly obvious discovery but one which so few of us realise. It’s the small actions or habits we make every day that define us. As Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do” this is true in so many ways, if we repeatedly do things which make us happy, what might that lead to?

I wanted the cards to be spread across a number of different categories, so there are five in total. I thought it was important not to solely focus on gratitude or rituals or random acts of kindness but to merge a number of useful and effective ideas to make the most beneficial and varied toolbox of techniques possible. Each category has its own unique benefits and when used regularly they can lead to improved self-esteem, better sleep, increased confidence and wellbeing.

I hope you love using the cards as much as I loved creating them and that they bring joy and fulfilment into your life.

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