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Wildeye Adventures - let nature be your guideWildeye Adventures - let nature be your guide

Wildeye Adventures – let nature be your guide

Wildeye Adventures was founded to inspire nature connection and the love of being outside. Sharing bushcraft skills, survival camps, nature education, forest bathing and environmental action.

Courses & camps are based in private ancient woodlands in Sevenoaks, Kent. Full days & overnight camps available for both young people & adults.
Creating outdoor adventure, wellbeing days, team building, women only gatherings, retreats, Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing sessions) public speaking and performing arts.

Directing woodland camps, outdoor activities and creative workshops which inspire nature connection. and teach skills of the wild.

Raising awareness on the protection & preservation of ancient trees and forest environments. Supporting campaigns and initiatives dedicated in promoting the conservation & restoration of trees, woodlands and forests. Helping to protect the last remaining wild spaces and natural ecosystems left in the UK and internationally.

Wildeye Adventures supports environmental projects in tree planting, forest conservation, restoration,
agroforestry, permaculture, eco-living, rewilding and sustainable development.

Wildeye's mission is to inspire a stronger connection to the natural world. Using educational tools and creative skills which encourage independence.
Spending time outdoors and nature exposure is positively beneficial to both young people & adults. Forest bathing supports mental health and wellbeing. Survival skills teach self-sufficiency.

Nature is an amazing teacher and healer.

Though many of us today in the "modern" world grow up living in urban environments, it's important to keep a close relationship to the natural world.
The natural world is the real world.
Stay human. Go to nature.

A team of highly skilled individuals with life experiences leading bushcraft camps, expeditions and teaching outdoor skills & environmental education in remote locations around the world. From woodlands to deserts, mountains, tropical rainforests and remote islands.
We work within the outdoor industry and are extremely passionate about the environment, sustainability and eco-living.
Believing that in order to create more care and respect towards the environment, it's vital to connect to the outdoors through personal life experiences.
We inspire a strong interaction towards the environment, raise awareness on conservation and believe it's important to keep a close relationship to the natural world.

Yara Ghrewati is the founder & creative director of Wildeye Adventures.
Connect with Yara via Wildeye Adventures social media platforms or email via the Contact page.

Offering different bushcraft courses\workshops in private ancient woodlands in Kent for both young people and adults. Working at various festivals, events, retreats and gatherings and offering a range of outdoor & environmental activities adapted to suit the requirements of each individual party or group. We communicate closely with all individual clients to ensure they get the wild outdoor experience they are seeking.

Our adult only overnight camps share bushcraft & survival skills forest bathing sound healing or drumming, creating a memorable and positive experience in ancient woodlands.

For more family orientated bushcraft courses and camps, check out Camp Wildeye & Birthdays.

Wildeye Adventures is a platform sharing outdoor skills and raising awareness on environment & conservation. We are connected to range of companies promoting outdoor education & nature connection, along with environmental organisations focusing on indigenous cultures & reforestation. Check out the 'Networks' page to view Wildeye's connections.

Thanks for taking the time to connect with Wildeye Adventures.

Nature has much to teach us. Stay wild.


Lots of events (some free), camps and courses



Woodland Escape

Overnight survival camp for adults. Bushcraft & Shinrin-Yoku (Forest bathing).

Camp Wildeye

Full day & overnight camps for adults & young people.

Forest Healing Camp

Full day & overnight camps for adults. Survival skills combined with Forest Bathing, Mindfulness & Sound Healing.


Forest Bathing sessions in woodlands for adults & young people



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