Get Outside with Nature

Enjoy the Outdoors – Mind Body and Soul

Get Outside with Nature

Enjoy the Outdoors – Mind Body and Soul

Get Outside with Nature

Enjoy the Outdoors – Mind Body and Soul

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Mindful Walks - Forest Bathing WalksMindful Walks - Forest Bathing Walks

Mindful Walks – Forest Bathing Walks

Regular guided forest bathing walks, natural mindfulness and private sessions with Tommy Carr, Hannah Carter and Andrea Hunt.

Nothing to do with swimming, forest bathing is the English translation of the Japanese term 'Shinrin-yoku'. It is the practice of wandering amongst trees and woodland while bringing attention to your senses and noticing the overlooked obvious. There are elements of slowing down and letting go of driven doing, allowing a playfulness and intuitiveness to come to our experience.

Forest bathing also has roots in mindfulness, especially mindful walking. It is also watered by many sources such as the Romantic poets, science and art. Both the ancient and contemporary nature based paths of Druidism, mythology and the sense of being connected to places feed into it at times.

Finding our inner natures

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions of successive lockdowns have underlined just how important getting out in nature is for our physical and mental health. People now value such a simple thing as walking more than ever before and have begun exploring their local woodlands and natural environments. Given the amount of stress we have all faced it is no wonder that people are turning to methods of improving themselves such as mindfulness and compassion, with self care now just as important as health care.

Data from the ONS in England published in February 2021 showed that 41% of adults found visiting local green and natural spaces even more important since coronavirus restrictions were introduced.

Walking together

We are actively looking for partners to take our vision of health and wellness forward. Just as the restrictions placed on people start to ease we want to be there to guide and explore the possibilities through partnerships with those organisations and groups that have the spaces and want to collaborate with experienced and authentic guides to co-create the possibility of transformative change through mindfulness, walking and nature.


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Wales, United Kingdom

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